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The future of transport for the UK, Europe and the World

KPMG research indicates that the Connected Autonomous Vehicles market has the potential to add £51 billion per year to the UK economy by 2030, create 320,000 new jobs and prevent 25,000 accidents saving 2500 lives per year. ICAV has been set up in response to this to support and introduce existing and new businesses entering the CAV market.

Our keynote and guest speakers are professionals talking about ‘The Future of Transport’ addressing key transport, congestion and climate challenges faced by cities and what driver-less vehicles mean for the Midland’s Engine and your business. Join ICAV to discuss, debate and network with leading transport experts on a variety of issues and challenges the transport industry is about to face.

For more information about working with us, the future of CAV and/or how you can get involved in our cluster, working groups, trials, supply chain or speaking opportunities.


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