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CEO of Cruise Kyle Vogt Resigns Amid Safety Concerns and Operating License Loss 

The CEO of General Motor’s autonomous vehicle division, Cruise, Kyle Vogt, has resigned in the wake of the company’s recent safety recall and the loss of its California operating licence. The departure itself is not covered by an official statement on the corporate website, but Aaron Mclear, the head of communications, has verified that Vogt resigned late on Sunday night, November 19. 

The news comes less than a week after the Cruise Board’s regularly scheduled quarterly meeting on November 14 at its San Francisco offices. A number of measures to improve safety and transparency were announced during the meeting, such as the appointment of Craig Glidden to the position of Cruise’s chief administrative officer, the hiring of a permanent chief safety officer, and the hiring of an independent expert to conduct a thorough safety assessment of Cruise’s safety operations and culture. 

The company declared on October 26 that it will be pausing all of its autonomous operations in order to review, analyse, and enhance its systems, procedures, and equipment. 


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