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GMV’s GSharp Positioning Technology Powers BMW’s Level 3 Automated Driving in New 7 Series

Global navigation satellite systems specialist GMV has successfully integrated its advanced positioning technology, GMV GSharp, into the BMW Personal Pilot Level 3 (L3) functionality of the latest 7 Series.

Advancements in Level 3 Automated Driving

Level 3 automated driving technology marks a significant leap in autonomous vehicle capabilities. This technology allows vehicles to independently manage specific driving tasks under predefined conditions, necessitating human intervention only when the system encounters situations it cannot handle.

High-Accuracy Positioning for Enhanced Safety

The GMV GSharp technology is designed to provide highly accurate, safe, and reliable positioning information crucial for automated driving functions. It combines GNSS with other in-vehicle sensors, such as inertial measurement units, wheel speed sensors, and odometers, to improve safety and precision. GMV’s positioning solution features two main components: the Safe Positioning Engine (SPE) software and the Safe GNSS Correction Service (SCS). Together, these components deliver the safety and precision necessary for Level 3 automated driving applications.

Components of GMV GSharp Technology

The Safe GNSS Correction Service (SCS) offers BMW vehicles corrections to the Broadcast Ephemeris across various GNSS constellations. It also provides augmentation data to counteract local atmospheric effects and delivers safety-related information. The Safe Positioning Engine (SPE) uses these corrections, in combination with GNSS signals and data from other sensors, to calculate the vehicle’s position, speed, and heading.

Compliance with Safety and Security Standards

Both the Correction Service and Positioning Engine are developed in accordance with ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 standards, ensuring they meet rigorous safety requirements. They also adhere to the security-from-design principles specified in ISO 21434, incorporating measures to protect against GNSS-related threats such as spoofing and jamming.

By integrating GMV GSharp technology, BMW enhances the safety, reliability, and precision of its Level 3 automated driving system in the new 7 Series, marking a significant step forward in autonomous vehicle innovation.

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