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Hesai unveils ultra-wide FOV, long-range ATX lidar

Hesai Technology, a prominent player in lidar technology for autonomous mobility systems, ADAS, and industrial robotics, has unveiled its latest innovation – the ATX lidar. Designed to enhance the perception capabilities of intelligent vehicles, the ATX boasts a longer detection range, higher resolution, and wider field of view (FOV).

Utilizing Hesai’s advanced 4th-generation technology platform, the ATX offers comprehensive upgrades to its laser transceiver module while maintaining a compact form factor. David Li, CEO of Hesai Technology, expressed excitement about the ATX’s potential to drive lidar adoption by offering customers a compelling solution for ensuring safety in every intelligent vehicle.

The ATX incorporates a market-validated transceiver architecture, enhancing module integration and simplifying the core optical scanning structure. Compared to its predecessor, the AT128, the ATX is significantly smaller and lighter, with a minimal surface window and ultra-low power consumption. This compact design allows for flexible integration into various positions on a vehicle, including the roof, behind the windshield, or inside the front headlights.

With a maximum detection range of 300 meters and a horizontal FOV of 140°, the ATX provides expansive visibility of complex road conditions, including surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. Its ultra-wide FOV enables precise perception information, capable of identifying rain, fog, exhaust fumes, and water droplets in real-time while filtering out over 99% of environmental noise.

The ATX has already garnered interest from leading OEMs and is slated for large-scale mass production in the first quarter of 2025. With the introduction of ATX-equipped models, consumers can look forward to a safer and more intelligent driving experience.

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