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Volvo unveiled its first production-ready autonomous truck

Volvo Autonomous Solutions has launched its first-ever production-ready autonomous truck at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, marking a significant milestone in the trucking industry.

The Volvo VNL Autonomous features the Aurora Driver, an SAE L4 autonomous driving system developed by Aurora Innovation. This advanced system includes powerful AI software, dual computers, proprietary lidar capable of detecting objects over 400 meters away, high-resolution cameras, imaging radar, and additional sensors. Together, these technologies enable the Volvo VNL Autonomous to navigate its surroundings safely and efficiently.

The Aurora Driver has undergone extensive training and testing, both in Aurora’s sophisticated virtual suite—where it has driven billions of simulated miles—and on public roads, accumulating 1.5 million commercial miles. These real-world tests covered end-to-end trucking routes, including highways, rural roads, and urban streets, in various weather conditions and at all times of day.

To ensure maximum safety, the Volvo VNL Autonomous is equipped with redundant systems for steering, braking, communication, computation, power management, energy storage, and vehicle motion management.

“Our platform engineering approach prioritizes safety by incorporating high-assurance redundancy systems designed to mitigate potential emergency situations,” said Shahrukh Kazmi, chief product officer at Volvo Autonomous Solutions. “We built the Volvo VNL Autonomous from the ground up, integrating these redundancy systems to ensure that every safety-critical component is intentionally duplicated, thereby significantly enhancing both safety and reliability.”

Nils Jaeger, President of Volvo Autonomous Solutions, emphasized the broader impact of this innovation at the launch. “We are at the forefront of a new way to transport goods, complementing and enhancing transportation capacity, and thereby enabling trade and societal growth.”

The Volvo VNL Autonomous will be manufactured at Volvo’s flagship New River Valley (NRV) plant in Dublin, Virginia. Known as the largest Volvo Trucks plant globally, NRV combines decades of high-volume production expertise with stringent quality processes, ensuring the capability to meet industry demand for the Volvo VNL Autonomous.

“The Volvo VNL Autonomous, powered by the Aurora Driver, offers a fully integrated autonomous solution in the hub-to-hub segment,” said Sasko Cuklev, Head of On-Road Solutions at Volvo Autonomous Solutions. “Our approach reduces complexity for our customers while allowing them to experience the benefits of an autonomous solution with peace of mind by ensuring efficiency, safety and reliability.”

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